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This site attempts to raise awareness of the issues involved with ensuring government is accountable to the people of British Columbia 

The three teenagers pictured above were failed by the Courts of British Columbia and the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development.  

In a judgment on May 12, 2016 the BC Court of Appeal panel of Bennett, Neilson, and Savage, rejected an application to force a review of whether BC Minister of Attorney General submissions to

the Court in 2010 were procedurally fair.  The AGBC had reported to the Court in 2010 that the BC Children Ministry had authority to disclose information to ensure the safety of children under the

Child, Family, and Community Services Act, the CFCSA.  The problem  with those submissions in 2010, was that a 2009 BCCA judgment had already ruled that the disclosure was not authorized

under the CFCSA.   The victim of the disclosure, Robert Harrison, was also the victim of sabotage by Pro-Bono lawyer Angus Gunn.  Mr. Gunn contacted Mr. Harrison and off‚Äčered free legal

services to defend against the Province's appeal of a judgment Mr. Harrison won.   It has now become clear through a request for information that Mr. Gunn was actually working for the Minister

of Attorney General when he offered Mr. Harrison free legal services. 

This was not the only thing Mr. Gunn concealed.  Mr. Gunn also concealed the fact the 2009 BCCA judgment he  represented  Mr. Harrison on, had permanently rejected the Ministry's future

authority to rely on the CFCSA child protection legislation to authorize the disclosure. This means the Courts have allowed the government to interfere with the proper administration of justice.

This is very bad for one extremely important reason in these circumstances.  The 2010 judgment has advertently or inadvertently  caused the BC Children Ministry to be exempt from acting in

good faith.  The Courts are exempting the Ministry by dismissing every plaintiff civil action against the Ministry by simply finding the Ministry does not owe anyone a duty of care.  This is

diabolical because it  means the Ministry is no longer required to comply with any of their own policies or procedures when it comes to those caregivers who look after Ministry children.

 This means the caregivers  of youth like Mr. Gervais, or Ms. Fraser, or Paige cannot force the Ministry to treat the caregivers with good faith. This means those caregivers have no voice

and are left alone to deal with profoundly damaged youth who have absolutely no sense of self-worth. Furthermore, those caregivers have no ability to  force the Ministry to even treat

the troubled youth in good faith. The Ministry cannot wait for the youth to "age-out" of the system so the Ministry can save money and be indemnified from any  further legal risk for

the youth. The problem with this approach is what killed Carly Fraser.  The Ministry failed to properly treat her emotional traumas,  and they ruthlessly cut her loose with  no support.

They failed her and they must be held accountable.  

The Courts of BC are now helping the Ministry avoid accountability by exempting the Ministry from complying with the good faith exercise of their statutory duties.  Several judges have had

the opportunity to intervene and ensure the Ministry is responsible for ensuring the safety of children. Judges like Tysoe, Lowry, Saunders, Frankel, Levine, Smyth,  have all failed the chance to

ensure it would cost the Ministry more to ignore the youth, than to help those youth.  The judges are the entire problem.  The Ministry will always do what government always does, cry poverty

until there is something they want like Olympics, or new bridges, or fast ferries, or retractable roofs on sport stadiums.   Lots of money for projects that glorify their legacies, but no money

to actually help save the lives of children.   In fact, since 2010 there have been 58 deaths of children in Ministry care.  The government has paid out ~29, 000, 000.00 dollars in settlements.

Clearly, these are cases that have never gone to  court because they  add up to approximately 500, 000.00 for each of the 58 deaths.  There is no doubt the government accomplishes this tidy

accounting because they can point to the  exemption from good faith, and intimidate the dead children's loved ones into settling.  It is unknown how the Courts appear to have no conscience

as to ensuring the Ministry must always  act in good faith, but that is the legal principle the Courts could enforce if they chose to ensure the Ministry treated all people with good faith.  Failure

by the Courts is the reason  the Ministry has no obligation to treat caregivers in good faith, and children are dying because of it.  There is a recent judgment, JP v. British Columbia.  The court

said the ministry had actually failed to treat the children in good faith.  But, the court dismissed the claim against the child's mother by saying the Ministry did not owe the  mother a duty of

care.  This is quite strange, because if the Ministry did not treat the child with good faith, what is the likelihood the Ministry treated the mother with good faith?  The Courts are allowing the

Ministry to be exempt from treating everyone with good faith.  This is diabolical and is causing the deaths of children.  Carly Fraser, Alex Gervais, and Paige all died for one simple and avoidable

cause.  Hopelessness.  No one takes their own life when they know there is hope for their future.  These children died because  they did not know that hope, and that is senseless and the failure

of the adults in these children's lives. The adults in these children's lives was the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development no different than if it were any other parent with the same

obligations and responsibilities.  They need to be held accountable or children will keep dying.